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Our bespoke online reputation management solutions 

online reputation management

Personal Branding

Reptick offers personal branding for individuals through social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn and many more. To have a personal brand is to have something unique which is exactly what we, at Reptick offer. Personal branding helps you create a reputation and a strong base for yourself on the basis of which you can sell your skills. When you are entering the job market, having the ability and tools to market yourself is of utmost importance and Reptick offers just that to its valued customers.

Negative Content Removal

Removing unwanted and negative content from the search results is exactly what we at Reptick do. It assists in filtering out harming content that could put your credibility into question. Defamatory content could be extremely detrimental to you and your brand therefore it is important to find a way that will remove all such information and safeguard your brand and yourself from internet trolling or any potential threat to your online reputation.

online reputation management
online reputation management

Search Result Improvement

Being able to streamline search results saves up a lot of time and gives you a more precise result. This is done through filters. Most importantly publishing relative and authoritative content that keeps the audience engaged and keeps you on top of the search engine results. Social media verification is another step through which you can improve your search results as it shows more reliability and authenticity and Reptick will do just that.

Digital Privacy 

Digital privacy service is when an individual’s personal information, which is used or created while using the internet, is safeguarded and kept secure by the site in question. Reptick aims to provide their consumers with a service that can keep their privacy and confidentiality intact through their digital privacy feature. 

online reputation management
online reputation management

Mugshot Removal

Mugshots can be highly unflattering especially on the internet as they are available for anyone with a decent internet connection. This digital era has facilitated many with the privilege of information on our fingertips, however like everything else, there is good and bad information. Mugshots being the bad one, which is exactly where we at Reptick will assist in its removal. 

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