About us

Our company

Co-founded in 2015 by Brenna and Matt, Reptick is all about manufacturing, marketing and providing technical support for the personal open 3D Printer product. 

Matt is Polish. With his extensive knowledge in computer software and website developement, he is responsible for Reptick’s web maintenance and assembly support. He is actively involved in R&D aimed at developing more efficient 3D printers. 

Brenna is Malay. With her many years in business and having an Asian background, Brenna is using her experience to manage Reptick’s product promotion efforts and to strategically source materials and manage logistics for a guaranteed low-cost and efficient operations.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide top quality product at the afordable price. We believe 3D printing is one of the greatest technological leaps that will soon change the world we are living in.


                       Matt                       Brenna

Our partners

GSGBS is a limited liability company headquatered in Accra, Ghana. GSGBS' principal activities, which are General & Business Solutions encompass client-tailored supplies and services, business consultancy and general merchandise. GSGBS has partnered Reptick to market 3D Printers in Africa and to provide technical support necessary for printer initial set up and maintenance.